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Insanity Fit Test – Day 1

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Insanity Round 2 here I come! I completed Insanity three months ago and was amazed by how much fitter I had become. After vacation, and emergency surgery, and a few months of lifting weights I’m back for more of this guy!!


Fit Test is Day 1 of Insanity. A lot of people are tempted to skip the Fit Tests. My advice — don’t!. The Fit Test is a perfect way to judge your progress especially if you aren’t getting the physical results as fast as you want (this isn’t an overnight solution! Losing weight takes time!). If you are pushing yourself each day, you WILL see improvements every two weeks!!

My Fit Test Scores:

  • Switch Kicks – 57
  • Power Jacks – 51
  • Power Knees – 87
  • Power Jumps – 40
  • Globe Jumps – 13
  • Suicide Jumps – 13
  • Push-Up Jacks – 14
  • Low Plank Oblique – 48

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