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New Plan, New ME!

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Sorry for not updating as I should.  I recently changed my workout and eating routines big time!!  I decided to take it to the next level!!  I have been drooling over pictures I see of women who do fitness competitions.  They are fit and healthy.  Not just skinny but muscular as well.  


I finally stopped wishing and started doing.  I hired an awesome coach to help me get there!  In the last few weeks everything has changed in my workouts and eating.  I am doing cardio 45 minutes in the morning plus weight training.  In the evening I’m doing another 30 minutes of cardio.  It sounds like a lot (and it is!) but the crazy thing is that I feel 100% better now than I did two weeks ago.  My emotions have stabilized  I’m not hungry like I once was, and I am able to lift heavier and run faster than ever before!  I’m SOLD!!

And look at the changes that happened in the two weeks so far:



I’ll take it! 🙂


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