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Insanity: Fit Test and Month 2

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I had to keep reminding myself of this today during Insanity.  Boy oh boy, this morning was insane!!

Month 2 Day 1 was Fit Test and Max Interval Circuit.  My first round I followed Insanity to a T (but didn’t cross train during it).  Month 2, day 1 is the most challenging day of all Insanity.  But the feeling once you accomplish it is amazing!!  Just remind yourself that you can push through and you are amazing enough to do anything.  You can do it!


My workout schedule has been intense lately, so I decided to split the workout into two days.  Yesterday I conquered Fit Test #3!!  I improved all except the globe jumps.  I haven’t been warming up and cooling down properly lately (a mistake that shouldn’t be made!) and my hip flexors are tight.  Just leaves room for improvment next Fit Test, right?  😉

Today was Max Interval Circuit.  A friend came over and we both tried our best, but were on our knees most of the time.  Shaun T kicked our butts.  last round I was so frustrated and almost quit.  I felt defeated and overwhelmed.  What I didn’t realize was that anything is hard in the beginning.  Month 1 was hard during the first two weeks.  Eventually I build enough strength and endurance to not take as many rest breaks.  Month 2 is exactly the same.  I’m starting over again at a new *slightly insane* level.  It’s going to be hard.  It’s going to be a challenge.  I’m going to want to quit.  But I know in a few weeks I am going to be much stronger than I am now and I am going to be so proud of my accomplishments!  Don’t forget: the beginning is always the hardest!!



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