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A new personal best and this week’s workouts

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I did it!!!  I set out for a goal for my Sunday run and totally beat it – plus set a personal best!

I started the morning with my new pre-workout routine – drinking a cup of Green Tea and a few grapefruit slices.

I was feeling a little under the weather, so I wasn’t sure if I would hit my goal of a 5 mile run.  I had planned on going outside and running as much as I could and to enjoy the beautiful Sunday morning.  Once I got outside and felt the fresh air, my plans changed.  I didn’t think, I just ran.  I ran for those who couldn’t run, I ran for my uncle who is fighting cancer.  I ran for myself, for being strong and healthy enough to enjoy the morning.  I got lost in my music and my thoughts and before I knew it, I had hit 5 miles.

I decided to keep going until 6 miles to push myself.  That’s when I looked down at my MotoActv and realized I could beat my best time for a 10K (6.26 miles).  Why not, I had already run 5 1/2 miles…. what’s another .75?!  Don’t get me wrong, the last bit 8 minutes of my run were some of the hardest.  I had never run that fast of a mile and I was gasping for air.  But I couldn’t and wouldn’t stop until I hit my goal!!

My new personal best – 58:38 for a 10K!!!  I am overjoyed!  It wasn’t an official race, I raced against myself.  There’s nothing like crossing an imaginary finish line knowing that you left it all on the road.  🙂  Pefect day, perfect time, perfect pace, and perfect run!!

(Later that night I snuck in some Turbo Fire and ChaLean Extreme)

Onto this week’s workout plan.  I’ve been instructed to get cardio plus weight lifting in during the morning and another cardio session in the evening (good thing I’m eating a ton of fuel!).

Sunday: (AM) Early Morning Run, (PM) ChaLean Extreme and Turbo Fire

Monday: (AM) Insanity Max Interval Circuit, (PM) Run

Tuesday: (AM) Turbo Fire HIIT 15 and ChaLean Extreme Push 2, (PM) Turbo Fire 30

Wednesday: (AM) Insanity Max Interval Plyo, (PM) 30 minutes of Turbo Fire 45

Thursday: (AM) Turbo Fire 30 and Fire 30, (PM) Run

Friday: (AM) Insanity Max Cardio, (PM) Run

Saturday: Well deserved REST!!!


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