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Monday’s workout: Insanity Max Interval Circuit

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Today’s workout was a big sweaty beast!! This morning I conquered Insanity‘s Max Interval Circuit. I’m not following Insanity’s exact schedule because of additional weight lifting and cardio that my coach has me doing. But I am adding Insanity into my workouts every other day. Insanity has been the best program that I have used that incorporates body weight training with cardio. Plus, I love how Shaun T pushes me to my max every. single. time.

Oh goodness, the sweat!!

Since I opted for a few hours of extra sleep this morning (I am getting a head cold), I worked out while the kids were awake. I put on a movie for my two youngest kids (the oldest was at school) and spent the next hour gasping for air. The kids came to play next to me and even did a few moves while I was exercising. It was a nice boost to get high fives when I wanted to give up. Every single muscle in my body was burning and aching by the time that hour was over. But I did it and my abs were pretty happy afterwards!


After Insanity, it was time to refuel with my next meal. Lean burger, kale, asparagus, and nuts. Great way to feed my growing muscles.


Evening cardio had to be cancelled tonight. The plan was to run during my oldest’s soccer practice but my stomach isn’t having it (I got a little too hungry and devoured my last meal too fast = upset stomach). :(. I’m upset, but need to listen to my body. Early bedtime tonight and can’t wait to lift some weights tomorrow!


One thought on “Monday’s workout: Insanity Max Interval Circuit

  1. Thanks for the comment! I def felt awesome to see my lil baby at the finish, even more motivation to finish faster! Love your blog too šŸ™‚

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