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I know it is more than a week after New Years, but I am just now starting to think about goals. You will soon find out that I tend to be late on almost all things – birthday, goal setting, holidays (I actually still need to get people’s Christmas presents together…). I don’t mean to be late on things. I tend to have other things on my mind such as being a mom, wife, household provider, ect, that I forget to look at a calendar. I’m always amazed at women who can do it all – I’m just not one of them. Maybe that should be one of my goals? 😉


Back to the topic on hand… New Years Resolutions. I have been shying away from resolutions and have been setting goals instead. I used to be nervous about setting goals for fear of letting myself down if I didn’t accomplish them. But now I realize that if I don’t accomplish them it’s okay. It doesn’t mean that I’m a failure. It means that at least I tried my hardest and I need to extend the time to reach my goal a little longer. And I’ve learned to never give up!


So my goals I’ve thought about so far:

  • Not feel skinny, but muscular and strong instead (gain weight and muscle)
  • Stop worrying so much about doing the “right” things fitness wise and just enjoy the process
  • Achieve a healthy bikini/fitness model type body – all while working out at home
  • Beat my first 1/2 marathon time, even if only by a few seconds
  • Blog regularly
  • And the most important — Slow down, have patience, and enjoy my time with my kids. They are only young once ❤

One thought on “Goals

  1. love your goals. Especially “have patience”… so difficult!

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