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From I CAN’T to I CAN!

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So yesterday it hit me.  I set a new goal for myself last month and that was to compete in a fitness competition.  Watching YouTube videos these last few weeks makes me want to be a Figure competitor.  Go big, huh?  I’ve got 6 months to prep. 

Yesterday, tho, I started doubting my decision.  People train YEARS for this.  I have been losing weight for 2 years but only recently added weigh training (former cardio bunny/ weights will make me bulky girl here). If I am to meet my goal, I will be working from the very bottom to get to the top.  I’m in uncharted territory for me.  It’s going to take lots of sweat, tears, and blood for me to reach my goal.  Everything is telling me that it’s too hard for me to do. 

So today, I choose the reasons why I can.  I will be getting healthier, stronger (physically and mentally), proving to myself that I can do anything.  If for some reason I’m not ready in September to compete, at least I did everything I could to improve my body and life. 

So here I am, starting from the bottom ready to fight my way to the top.  I choose today to hold onto the reasons why I CAN and let go of those doubts.  I will share my journey since its going to be one of the hardest things I’ve done.  I know that I do this and I can’t wait until I can say I DID it! 


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