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Beasting Up… Beachbody Style!!


New plan, same goal!!!

For the last 6 months, I had the help of an online coach for meal plans and workouts.  After much thought, I’ve decided to branch out on my own.  I loved having her help and have built long-lasting habits for eating clean.  But I was seeing signs of my eating disorder (which I overcame years ago) starting to surface again.  NOTHING is worth the physical pain, emotional turmoil, and plain unhealthiness of an eating disorder.  NOTHING!!

I took a few days off from exercise and meal plans and pinpointed the issues that were causing my  relapse feelings.  And to be honest after six months of strict meals and twice a day workouts, the break was amazing.  I was able to focus on my family, make changes that would make me happier (instead of stressing constantly about my progress), and figure out my next plan of action.


Enter BODY BEAST!!!  I’m on Day 4 today and I can already tell you that I have fallen in LOVE with this program!!!  My whole body is sore!  I can feel changes happening already and I love that!!  I have never pushed myself this hard with weight lifting and I know that when I’m done with the program I will see some of the changes in my body that I’ve been wishing for.

I mean, look at that pump after Build: Back and Bis yesterday!!  Wowza!!


This morning was Cardio.  I was nervous about this workout after watching some YouTube reviews of it, but I really loved it after I was done!!  My legs were shaking on the holds, I had to drop my weights a few times, but I got through it and it felt amazing!  My 5-year-old did the entire workout with me using her three pound weights and my 4-year-old joined during Abs.

2013-03-26-14-29-04_deco-1 2013-03-26-14-25-20_deco-1

I can’t wait to blog my way through this journey.  I will make sure to share my meal plans and calorie goals with you too.  I’m eating a lot more than I’m used to and have some supplements on their way.  One thing that Savi always says during the workouts is that you have to eat to grow!!  Don’t you worry, I’m enjoying the extra calories ;).


2 thoughts on “Beasting Up… Beachbody Style!!

  1. The Beast has your back sister. Whatever it takes to keep going and pushing every workout. Beast up,

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