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Believe That You Can!

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We are stronger than we give ourselves credit for.  Our mind will give out far before our body will.  One thing that I have learned throughout my fitness journey has been to always believe in my own power to transform.  Some days I feel beat down and like nobody supports or believes in me.  But one thing is true – I believe in MYSELF.  I have to be my biggest fan.  I’ve had good days and bad days where I had to scrape myself off the floor to keep going.  But the change WILL happen and I believe that I can make my body into whatever I desire it to be.  Always believe in YOUR power to transform.  Hold onto the hope that your body is changing with each healthy choice you make.  Make each day count in your own fitness journey and one day you will look back and be amazed by how far you’ve come.  And always.. enjoy the process!!


This morning was my second Body Beast Build: Chest & Tris workout.  I was SO excited that I could go up in weights already!!  Granted, it was only 2.5 pounds most of the time but I’ll take that improvement!!  Chest is one of my least favorite body parts to work and often got neglected before I had a solid workout plan.  Not anymore though!!

This workout felt great the second time around since I could really focus on my form and reps.  I’m feeling really good right now but I know that I will be feeling some delayed muscle soreness tomorrow!  It is all part of the process!


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