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Leg Day!

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Body Beast: Build Legs=


This morning started too soon with little sleep last night.  I knew I needed some energy to hit legs hard today (legs are one of my weak areas).  I decided to dig into my awesome stash of samples that were sent to me recently.  I usually use Amino Energy which I have been told is at the lower end of the energy spectrum.


What a ride!  Wow, I should have only had 1/2 of a serving… hehe.  I didn’t feel it right away so I decided to drink the entire packet.  About 15 minutes later I was bouncing off the walls.  It was a little too much, though, because I started feeling nauseous and jittery.  I guess I haven’t built up that tolerance yet ;).

Build Legs was a great workout today.  I switched from using dumbbells to using my bar bell for the exercises.  I was able to focus on form better with the bar bell and up my all my weight from last week.  The Giant Set took everything out of me.  I was d.o.n.e.  My muscles were shaking while I was standing still and I felt like I couldn’t go on.  But something inside of me kept pushing me and I finished strong.  For some reason when I know I only have 8 reps, I am able to go for it no matter how heavy the weight!!


I burned quite a bit of calories today.  After adding in an extra hamstring exercise and some booty exercises, my whole lower half burned and I couldn’t get off the floor for a good 15 minutes.  That, my friends, is a sign of a good workout!!


One day closer – whatever it takes!

Now off to do some Easter activities with the kids!!  ❤


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