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Let’s start a garden!!

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What a busy, busy weekend!!  Saturday was Body Beast Build: Shoulders & Abs and Sunday was rest day.

I tend to over think my workouts and meal plan.  Instead of focusing day to day, I often look too into the future and wonder if I’m doing things right.  Sunday I decided to do some progress comparisons.  I was happily surprised when I saw the difference in my arms in only 3 weeks!!  The first picture was taken after an arm day and the second picture was taken Sunday (two weeks of the Body Beast program).  It was rest day so I don’t have that extra pump after weights either!!  I see some progress!  That’s my motivation to keep going and lifting heavy!

body beast progress

My birthday is next week.  For an early birthday present, my dad offered to make a garden for me!!  I’ve been wanting a garden for years and am SO excited to finally start one!  We go through a TON of fresh vegetables, this is going to be awesome!!  Sunday the kids and I planted tomatoes, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, and a bunch of herbs.  Now the waiting process begins.  I will keep you updated!


The kids are ready to get their hands dirty!


The finished product!!  Now off to find some awesome gardening labels from Pinterest!

Have you ever gardened?  Do you have any tips for a complete gardening beginner?


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