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Birthday Workouts and Cheats

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Yesterday was my BIRTHDAY!!  Another year older!  We celebrated my having a dinner cheat meal.  My husband made Tempura and the kids made cheesecake in a cup – plus a margarita or two ;).  I hadn’t eaten tempura in a very long time and it was delicious!!  The grease and sugar didn’t make me feel too good afterwards, though.  I can’t believe that I use to fry food at least twice a week and ate such sugary desert all the time.  Its crazy (in a good way) how our food has changed over the last year!

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Even though it was my birthday yesterday, my workouts went on as planned.  I’m making no excuses during Body Beast!!

Yesterday was Bulk Arms and I added in a 2.62 mile memorial run.  Bulk Arms felt good, I finally saw my triceps in the mirror while I was doing kickbacks!!  It was a very exciting moment for me!  I’m still working on not using my forearm too much and really squeezing my biceps on curls.  I’m slowly seeing progress there.


This morning was Bulk Shoulders.  The Beast schedule of Body Beast had nine days of workouts with no rest.  I was thinking that havning no rest days hadn’t affected me at all but this morning I realized that it did.  My muscles were sore from the start and I had to drop my weight down considerably from the Build Shoulders last week.  I still got a good pump in my shoulders afterwards but know that my body needs its rest day tomorrow to heal itself in order to have another great weightlifting week.

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