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What a long, crazy week!

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Do you ever have those weeks that feel super busy, tiring, and never-ending?  I had one of those this last week!  I’m finally feeling better, thank goodness!  I have still been pumping the iron though.  I’ve made a commitment to Body Beast and I’m not planning on stopping anytime soon ;).

Since I’m strapped on time today I will post some highlights of this last week.  I’ll be sure to post more in depth tomorrow!

Body Beast baby! 



First time practicing an inversion


Some eats this week, eaten in the car (I’ve become addicted to Quest Bars!)



I’m definitely building muscle with Body Beast.  It’s so nice to finally see progress after months of nothing.  I can’t wait to start cutting and see what hides under the fluff!  I need another month of bulk first though.  Grow, muscles, grow!


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