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My Oatmeal Review


I’ll let you in on a little secret.  I eat oats everyday for breakfast…. and I have been for over a year.  🙂  I love oats and its one of the only breakfast type foods that my stomach can handle now.  But eating plain oats for so long can get a little boring.

So when I had the opportunity from Fit Approach to review a bag of oatmeal from I jumped at the chance.  My Oatmeal is a family run company that lets you customize your organic oatmeal every step of the way.  Their oatmeal is free of preservatives, artificial flavors or dyes, and absolutely delicious.  They offer customizable PB Lean in addition to oats.

Ordering my bag of oatmeal was extremely easy.  (My Oatmeal offers premade mixes as well)  They offer 3 sizes of bags, 6 types of oats including gluten free (yay!), and a large variety of flavors, fruits, nuts & seeds, and sweeteners.  Once you are finished deciding on a mix, you get choose a name for your mix.  I love how this oatmeal is truly my own!  The website also includes a Nutrition Facts bar on the side which changes automatically depending on how you build your custom blend.  A great feature if you are tracking your macros!!

image Custom Blend webpage

I decided that since I am unable to eat cake for my birthday next week (food allergies), I was going to make a birthday oatmeal mix to enjoy throughout the month.  There were so many options but I ended up choosing the medium size with gluten free oats, red velvet cake and sweet icing flavors with brown cane sugar as a sweetener.  I named it “Dirty 30 Birthday Mix” ;), placed my order, and off it went to the kitchen to be made.  The process went very fast and I received my bag within a few days of ordering.
image  image

When I received my MyOatmeal package I was surprised by how much oatmeal was in a medium size (and was also surprised that they included an extra small bag of oatmeal)!!  I literally ripped it open right then to try some!

Even though it looks like plain oatmeal, it smelled amazing.  I added some water and coconut milk, microwaved for a few minutes, and dug right in.  It tasted delicious.  The flavors were more intense than I expected (in a good way, it actually tasted like cake with icing!).  Some days I add fruit to the mix but even without the fruit and it tastes great. I am very happy to be feeding my body with oatmeal that is free of processed junk and still tasty. It is well worth the price of the product. I don’t know how I had eaten plain oatmeal for so long now that I’ve tried  I can’t wait to experiment and use My Oatmeal birthday mix in other recipes.

The owners of My Oatmeal have generously offered a coupon code to YOU!!  Use coupon code “HEALTHY15” for 15% off you order.  I will be placing another order soon, I already have a few combinations in mind!!  Let me know how you enjoy your customized oats from!


Disclaimer: I was provided a free sample from for review.  All opinions are my own and I have not been paid for this review


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Cocogo Review and Coupon Code!


I have some super exciting news!  I have been selected to be an ambassador for Cocogo!!  What is Cocogo you ask?  It is an electrolyte drink made from coconut water and real fruit.  It comes in easy to carry pouches and mixes with water for easy use on the go and tastes delicious.  I have been looking for an electrolyte drink that doesn’t mess with my stomach.  The drinks available in stores contain corn syrup which my stomach won’t digest.  I ran my full marathon recently hydrating only with water and trust me, my body did not like it!  So when I was contacted by Cocogo I couldn’t resist the chance to review the drink.


When I first took a sip of Cocogo, I was impressed by how great it tasted.  The flavors are amazing even when using only one packet of Cocogo (they recommend up to 4 packets per use depending on the activity).  I have been using Cocogo during every workout and have noticed that I am able to run longer without bonking like I had been and am able to push through a few extra sets while weightlifting.  I have even used it during a sluggish afternoon and felt instantly better after drinking.  I love that it is natural (I can identify the ingrediants) and that it isn’t overly sweet like some drinks I have tried.  I am so excited to have found a electrolyte drink to use during long training runs and races!  I only wish I had tried Cocogo sooner!


From the Cocogo website:
Cocogo is a new premium sports drink made with real fruit and coconut water in stick pack. It is the best tasting, best performance sports drink. It tastes better because it’s all-natural and isn’t overly sweet. Not only do people prefer the taste, they credit Cocogo for steady energy, no muscle cramps, being easy on the stomach, and preventing “the bonk.” And when you compare Cocogo to other sports drinks, you’ll see the proof (see attached): Cocogo offers the best balance of electrolytes, contains an ideal blend of sugars, and has seven essential vitamins.
A major review on Cocogo came out in Trail and Ultra Running. This review is for hard-core runners, but their key finding our universal.
  • Flavor –  Mixed to any strength and still tastes good
  • Energy –  Quick to get into the bloodstream … nice long release of energy
  • Electrolytes –  High in electrolytes … No cramping issues were found
  • Stomach & Digestion –  Quick to digest … loved how well my stomach accepted it
  • Ease of use –  Small packets allow for very customized mixing
  • Overall –  This is a super solid product, well thought out and executed almost perfectly.
(You can see their full review here)
wpid-IMG_20140405_121407.jpg    wpid-IMG_20140325_165714.jpg
I am even more excited that YOU can get 40% off anything at the online Cocogo store!  Use the code ONEHEALTHYMOM at!  Let me know what you think about the electrolyte drink, you won’t be disappointed!!