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What a long, crazy week!

Do you ever have those weeks that feel super busy, tiring, and never-ending?  I had one of those this last week!  I’m finally feeling better, thank goodness!  I have still been pumping the iron though.  I’ve made a commitment to Body Beast and I’m not planning on stopping anytime soon ;).

Since I’m strapped on time today I will post some highlights of this last week.  I’ll be sure to post more in depth tomorrow!

Body Beast baby! 



First time practicing an inversion


Some eats this week, eaten in the car (I’ve become addicted to Quest Bars!)



I’m definitely building muscle with Body Beast.  It’s so nice to finally see progress after months of nothing.  I can’t wait to start cutting and see what hides under the fluff!  I need another month of bulk first though.  Grow, muscles, grow!


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Birthday Workouts and Cheats

Yesterday was my BIRTHDAY!!  Another year older!  We celebrated my having a dinner cheat meal.  My husband made Tempura and the kids made cheesecake in a cup – plus a margarita or two ;).  I hadn’t eaten tempura in a very long time and it was delicious!!  The grease and sugar didn’t make me feel too good afterwards, though.  I can’t believe that I use to fry food at least twice a week and ate such sugary desert all the time.  Its crazy (in a good way) how our food has changed over the last year!

PhotoGrid_1366226370960 PhotoGrid_1366226336776

Even though it was my birthday yesterday, my workouts went on as planned.  I’m making no excuses during Body Beast!!

Yesterday was Bulk Arms and I added in a 2.62 mile memorial run.  Bulk Arms felt good, I finally saw my triceps in the mirror while I was doing kickbacks!!  It was a very exciting moment for me!  I’m still working on not using my forearm too much and really squeezing my biceps on curls.  I’m slowly seeing progress there.


This morning was Bulk Shoulders.  The Beast schedule of Body Beast had nine days of workouts with no rest.  I was thinking that havning no rest days hadn’t affected me at all but this morning I realized that it did.  My muscles were sore from the start and I had to drop my weight down considerably from the Build Shoulders last week.  I still got a good pump in my shoulders afterwards but know that my body needs its rest day tomorrow to heal itself in order to have another great weightlifting week.

Until next time,

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2.62 Miles for Boston

Yesterday the unimaginable happened.  Two bombs went off near the finish line at the Boston Marathon.  I was scrolling through Instagram when I realized what was going on.  My first thought was “there’s no way” as I quickly switched to Google.  Then, reading about what happened, I instantly broke down in tears.  My heart has been heavy since finding out about the explosions and I have so many mixed emotions running through my head.

Although I do not personally know anyone who was running, I have felt how tight-knit the running community is.  Whenever I race, it feels like I’m running alongside hundreds of friends all striving for the same goal.  We are there encouraging each other, giving high-fives to each other and to spectators, accomplishing something amazing with each step.  Yet yesterday, those very feelings were stripped away from those who were running in Boston.  The happiness, joys, and accomplishments were replaced by fear, sadness, and loss.  I never imagined that something like this would happen at a fitness event.  How horrific it must have been for the family and friends who were there supporting their runners.  How scary it must have been for the runners who had no idea what was happening miles ahead of them.  How horrible it must have been for those who witnessed such a devastating event and who rushed in to help those who were injured.  No words can even start to explain….


Hearing about the Boston Marathon explosion makes me think about my own life here at home.  Too many horrible, cruel acts that have happened lately.  I never ever thought that I would be witnessing such violence.  I flash back to memories of 9/11/2001 – which still bring such raw emotions as though it had just happened.  I look into my children’s smiling faces and see such innocence and am saddened about the fear they might endure during their lifetime.  I kiss them every morning before school and deep down I know of the possibility that it might be their last.  And now, being a runner, I am never going to cross a finish line without being reminded of the Boston Marathon 2013.

But I can not live in that constant fear.  I am realizing everyday that life is a gift.  As much as I wish I could, there I can not change what has been happening in the world around me.  All I can do is give those I love extra kisses and hugs each and every day.  I must remind them of how much they mean to me and appreciate every second that we spend together.  I must call family and friends and remind them of how special they are to me.  I can teach my children the beauty and love that is around them and how they can bring that to the world.

Here’s 2.62 miles for the marathoners, family, friends, spectators, and bystanders that were affected by this tragedy.  With every step, I poured out thoughts and tears for you.  United, as runners, we remember you.


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Bulking Phase Begins!!

A few days ago I officially entered the Bulk phase of Body Beast!!  I am so excited about the progress I have seen during the Build phase and can’t wait to see what Bulk will bring.  I have read that these next 6 weeks is what builds lots of muscle mass.  I also heard that this phase might cause some fluffiness but that’s okay because the Beast phase at the end of the Body Beast program will shed the fluff to reveal  new muscles underneath.

I lost a pound during the first phase of Body Beast and didn’t lose/gain many inches.  I wasn’t expecting anything extreme to happen in only 3 weeks.  I built up my muscles during the Build phase (I upped my weight load each week) so bring on the fluff and the muscles!!


After my first Bulk workout.  Bulk: Chest – I swear I see is a chest separation that wasn’t there a few weeks ago!


Bulk: Legs were hard!!  I went heavy and had to take some breaks to catch my breath.  I have faith that this workout will add some serious mass to my legs!  My quads were on fire and my whole lower body aches still!!


This morning was Bulk: Back.  Unfortunately, this wasn’t my best workout day.  The youngest needed a lot of attention during the 30 minutes.  I had to pause a lot to take care of her which made me lose my motivation halfway through.  I did lift as heavy as I could with good form, though, so I still got a good workout in!

Tomorrow is Bulk: Arms.  I can’t wait to see what that brings!!

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Body Beast: Meal Plan Week 3

Today was the end of the Build phase in Body Beast.  Beast Cardio was on the schedule.  It is only the second cardio day in 3 weeks and being a (former) cardio bunny, I was super excited.  That was until about 5 minute into the workout!!  Beast Cardio kicked my booty!  It is pretty much weights, just faster.  My heart rate was sky high, I was gasping for air, my muscles were shaking, and I’m still sore from this morning… always a good sign of a great workout!

I walked away feeling like this:


Some days Body Beast is a pure challenge.  This program is unlike anything I have done before.  I am already seeing some serious progress in the last three weeks and I’m excited to see what the Build phase will bring!!  Reading this encouraging tweet from the Body Beast team themselves is going to push me even more!  Thanks guys!2013-04-12_13-11-26

This past week I have been super hungry.  I had lowered my calories my calories for week 2 thinking that I was eating too much.  I was wrong.  As soon as I finished a meal I was looking forward to the next one.  I could hear my stomach growl about an hour after I had eating.  I upped my calories back up this week to 2500 calories.  It sounds really high but my body has been satisfied.  I have even noticed my body leaning out, which I thought was impossible eating so many calories and carbs!


2500 calories – Build Phase

  • Meal 1: Overnight Oats.  1/2 cup oats, 1/2 scoop Whey powder, 1/4 cup almond milk, 4 fresh strawberries, 1 Tbsp chia seeds, 1 Tbsp almond butter, cinnamon and stevia to taste
  • PreWorkout: Amin.o. Energy
  • PostWorkout: Protein shake.  1 banana, 1/4 cup almond milk, 1 scoop Anabolic Halo protein powder, water and ice
  • Meal 2: 2 oz chicken, 6 oz sweet potato, 1/2 cup edamame, 1/2  cup green beans, 6 almonds
  • Meal 3: 3 oz tuna, 1/3 cup brown rice, 1/2 cup Brussels sprouts, 1 oz avocado, 1 slice Ezekiel toast, 1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt
  • Meal 4: 2 oz ground turkey, 1/2 cup edamame, 1/2 cup green beans, 1 hard boiled egg, 1 cutie orange, 6 almonds
  • Meal 5: varies
  • Meal 6: 2 egg whites, 1/3 cup Jasmine rice, 1 Tbsp salsa

Meal 5 options:

  • Sagi Protein Salad
  • 4 oz grilled steak, 1/2 cup quinoa, 1.5 cups sautéed mushrooms and onions
  • Body Beast chicken fajitas (without tortillas), 1/4 cup cheddar cheese, 1/2 cup quinoa
  • 5 oz salmon, 2 red potatoes, 1 cup mixed veggies
  • Body Beast turkey chili
  • Body Beast Beef & Broccoli, 1/2 cup brown rice
  • Baby back ribs, 2 red potatoes, 1 cup green beans

I bulked the majority of my carbs pre- and post-workout instead of eating them equally throughout the day like my last plans.  I also realize that baby back ribs isn’t the *healthiest* option out there.  I always want to cheat on the weekends so this meal is planned on Sunday and still fits my macros.  I’m looking forward to my “mini cheat”.


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Let’s start a garden!!

What a busy, busy weekend!!  Saturday was Body Beast Build: Shoulders & Abs and Sunday was rest day.

I tend to over think my workouts and meal plan.  Instead of focusing day to day, I often look too into the future and wonder if I’m doing things right.  Sunday I decided to do some progress comparisons.  I was happily surprised when I saw the difference in my arms in only 3 weeks!!  The first picture was taken after an arm day and the second picture was taken Sunday (two weeks of the Body Beast program).  It was rest day so I don’t have that extra pump after weights either!!  I see some progress!  That’s my motivation to keep going and lifting heavy!

body beast progress

My birthday is next week.  For an early birthday present, my dad offered to make a garden for me!!  I’ve been wanting a garden for years and am SO excited to finally start one!  We go through a TON of fresh vegetables, this is going to be awesome!!  Sunday the kids and I planted tomatoes, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, and a bunch of herbs.  Now the waiting process begins.  I will keep you updated!


The kids are ready to get their hands dirty!


The finished product!!  Now off to find some awesome gardening labels from Pinterest!

Have you ever gardened?  Do you have any tips for a complete gardening beginner?

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Week 2 DONE!

This morning I officially finished week 2 of Body Beast!!  Back and Biceps were on the schedule and I hit them hard and heavy again.


Week 2 of any program I have completed has always been one of the hardest weeks.  During week 1, I am excited and full of hope about how much my body will change over the next 60 or 90 days.  When I complete the workouts, I put everything I can into them.  By week 2 I am sore and tired.  I have beat up my body constantly for two weeks and it just wants to stop.  My brain starts playing tricks on me saying that my body hasn’t changed much physically, so why keep going?  I tend to second guess my program choice and wonder if I have it in me to complete it.  Week 2 isn’t a pretty sight.


But even with all these feelings, I know I must push forward.  I remember why I started this journey and put those goals as #1 in my mind.  I can’t… I won’t… give up.  I must focus on the positives.  Already in the two weeks I have gotten stronger.  My weights that I’ve written down on my workouts each session prove that.  The sugar and junk food cravings I had from last week are gone.  I have put 100% into eating clean and staying on my meal plan.  I can envision what my body can look like in weeks to come and I know that if I just keep pushing through my silly mental barriers I can become stronger both physically and mentally.


Week 3 starts tomorrow with shoulders and abs.  It is no longer about me comparing myself to others.  It is me vs. me.  Week 3 will be amazing and I will make it that way!  I am ready to show Body Beast that I am ready to be the best ME possible!  So bring it on, I’m ready for you!!!