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On The Road to Recovery

I have had some health problems for a few years now. I didn’t share much of this because I guess I was kind of embarrassed and felt like my body was a failure.  Now, looking back, it’s totally not true and hopefully by sharing my story I can encourage someone to seek help if they aren’t feeling their best.

I started having trouble a little over two years ago. I went on vacation for 10 days and about a week after we came home I had emergency surgery appendicitis. Shortly after I started bloating after eating anything. I remember running at night and being so uncomfortable because my belly looked super pregnant. After some food elimination I realized I had became intolerant to gluten.  That was an easy fix – I became gluten free.  But about 6 months later my symptoms (bloating, headaches, tiredness, irritability) came back.  It felt like my body had hit a wall.

A few months later, I got a blood test for food allergies. When I went in to get my results, the doctor handed me the paper saying she was so sorry. My tests came back saying I was allergic to about 30 foods. A lot of the foods that I was sensitive to were foods that I ate almost every day. So elimination diets happened and I physically felt better but got depressed because I could only eat a handful of foods. It was a huge challenge to eat and I wasn’t able to go out to eat at restaurants because of cross contamination. Any small amount of the “forbidden foods” would cause major bloating, pain, headaches, and sometimes I would end up in the fetal position in bed crying.


My first list of food allergies

I was caught in a vicious cycle. I would binge for a few days on the foods my body hated (which wasn’t exactly unhealthy foods either. Things such as tomatoes, peppers, cheese, peanut butter, bananas…) which cause my body to be in pain. Then I go back to eating right to just binge a few weeks later. There were so many restrictions in my diet that I had a hard time mentally living like that.

About a year after my initial testing, I went back in because I was bloating and in pain AGAIN after eating and came back with 10 more foods that were irritants.  I was so tired that I could hardly wake up and spent all day on the couch utterly exhausted.  It was rediculous & depressing!  I just couldn’t take it anymore. I felt old, lost my joy out of life and, honestly, I didn’t want to keep living the way I was but I couldn’t feel better no matter how hard I tried.


The wall of minerals at my chiropractor's office

I was told about a local holistic chiropractor and decided to give him a try (there was nothing left to lose).  In early May I saw him and after explaining what I felt like he pretty much knew right away what the problem was. He had me hold different minerals in my hand and did tests to see what my body was deficient in. He also had me spit into a Kleenex and hold that and ran a test (which I failed). I was basically allergic to myself. His tests showed many things weren’t working right in my body – problems were with my digestion, endocrine system, autoimmune, thyroid, and adrenals – which all were under the main problem with my hypothalamus. So I saw him weekly as he adjusted different things and I was put on a RNA supplement until I passed the tests!!

It was a difference of night and day- like the dark cloud had parted and the sun came shining thru after 2 years! I had honestly never felt better. I was able to go to sleep at a normal time, fall asleep, stay asleep, AND feel well rested when I woke up (something I have had problems with as long as I can remember). I was able to eat foods again (and did go a little crazy with my new freedom) and just felt lighter and more balanced.

But, the last few weeks had been getting harder and harder and the food bloating and the insomnia and tiredness have been coming back. I was blaming on the summer time stress, juggling more work than usual, and lack of sleep. But no matter how much rest and relaxation I just wasn’t feeling 100%. I decided to go back in to the chiropractictor to rule out any internal body issues. Unfortunately, what I didn’t want to happen did in fact happen. I failed some of the tests and needed an adjustment. We are not sure why after only 5 weeks (3 of them with me feeling bad) I regressed so much. He wants to figure out the root cause of what is going on. So that brings you up to date. I haven’t noticed much difference from the adjustment the chiropractictor did a few days ago but he did say it will take a few weeks to feel better again.

As for now, I am cleaning up my eating and trying to cut out processed foods to see if that helps my healing along. I’m using Betty Rocker’s Body Fuel System and after reading her ebook, I am committed to cutting out the junk that I have overloaded my system with. Hopefully within the month I will start feeling the benefits of the chiropractictor and healthy eating again!