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Food Intolerances for the WIN!

A few months ago I started getting bloated, gassy, crampy, and headaches after I ate anything.  Even a meal of chicken and rice would upset my stomach and have me laying in bed for few hours.  Some days I couldn’t pull myself out of bed because I felt so lethargic and my stomach hurt so bad.

I decided to do some research into food allergies.  A year ago, after I had my appendix removed, I developed an intolerance to gluten.  I have successfully become gluten free and was now wondering if I had somehow developed another food intolerance.  I started cutting out all forms of dairy and I felt a little better but still was uncomfortable after I ate, especially later on in the day.

I found a place that tested both environmental and food allergies.  After I was tested, I had to wait a few weeks for my blood work to come back.  Yesterday I was finally able to pick up my results.

food allergies

I’m shocked with the results.  I am sensitive to 29 allergens… TWENTY NINE!!  And the majority are my favorite foods.  I suspected some of these foods on the list but had no idea about others.

My immediate reaction was to panic.  I had no idea what I would eat.  Almond milk, eggs, peanut butter, and banana are my “go to” foods.  I was freaking out and thinking that I can’t possibly eliminate these foods for the 90 day.  But once I was able to process the results I started to feel better.  I finally know why my stomach hurts every time I eat.  I don’t have an intolerance to many protein or carb sources.  I can substitute almond milk for coconut or rice milk.  And by eliminating these trigger foods for three months, I should be pain free after eating and hopefully start feeling like myself again.

There’s going to be a lot of experimenting with food substitutes but I know I can do this.  Here’s to the next three months of finding new favorite foods!